I consider myself to be a reflective practitioner.  I pay attention to all evaluative comments and use them to help me improve my offering to schools.  Here is some feedback from recent courses:

– Embedding Fieldwork (Peckover Primary School) 3rd June 2024
Thank you, your training is always beneficial and very engaging.

Thank you for inspiring us today: can’t wait to get outside.

You’re fab! Thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement to step out of our comfort zones.

Thank you for a great day. I feel inspired and motivated.


– Fieldwork and Scale 21 May 2024 (North Lincolnshire Geography Network)
Thank you so much. I have a big job in reviewing our provision of fieldwork opportunities but this has given me the enthusiasm to do it!

Really useful and very helpful. I am going away with many ideas that we can try and now build into our curriculum to develop our fieldwork across school. Thank you.

Thank you very much Nell, I found everything brilliant this afternoon. I’m looking forward to sharing with all school staff.

Very useful ideas and things I can implement across the various year groups in school.


– Embedding Fieldwork (Geographical Association) May 2024
It has been incredibly useful and I have a lot of new ideas to embed and share with staff going forward. Fieldwork is not as complicated as I first thought and I now feel more confident with sharing this with other staff to boost their confidence.

A great training session thank you. Lots of information and practical advice. Good tips for getting started straight away.

I found today so helpful. Fieldwork was not done as it should be in our school but (I now) feel as if I can go back and support staff to show them how easy it is to implement. Can’t wait to start looking at our local area!

Thank you – lots of great ideas and feeling really positive about introducing more fieldwork in my school!

I found it very interesting; it’s given me a clearer picture of the range of activities that are considered fieldwork and have a much more child-centred, less complicated approach to it now.


– Geography Subject Leadership (Learning Partnership) 30th April 2024
I feel that I’m going away with a plan of what I want to do next (audits and staff/pupil voice). I know what to put in my leadership file too. Thank you so much, it was as useful as always.

Thank you, I feel like we may be in a better state than I first felt and actually I need to be patient with how I’m going as a new leader to the subject. Thanks again for all the help and tips.

I’m going to begin with teacher voice and pupil voice before I begin reviewing geography in our school, so I found the question ideas very useful, thanks.


– Primary Geography Network Meeting 9 – Learning Partnership 23rd April 2024
This was a really lovely training session. Thank you. Feeling much more inspired now.

Thank you very much. I appreciated the opportunity to talk with others and the chance to get outside for some practical work.

Genuinely really enjoy attending these courses and meeting fellow geographers, so thank you!

Thank you Nell, informative and inspiring as always.


– Getting our Bearings – Lincoln Anglian Academy Trust – 18th April 2024
“Very interesting mix of theory and practical- thank you!”

“Going away with clear next steps for moving geography forward at my school, thank you.”

“Lots of practical ideas to engage and rejuvenate meaningful fieldwork.”

“I came not knowing much at all! Geography was my least favourite subject but I feel excited and empowered thanks to your inspirational training. Thank you!”

“I now have confidence in planning fieldwork ideas and training staff on fieldwork.”


– Embedding Fieldwork (7th March 2024) Geographical Association
Really useful day. I now feel so much more confident in how we can use the local area/grounds as part of fieldwork in all year groups and still show progression. Thank you so much for your ideas, reassurances and enthusiasm throughout the day.

Thank you very much! I have really enjoyed the course today. Leaving with lots of fieldwork ideas that I can’t wait to show the rest of the staff!

Thank you, lots of great ideas and fun activities. Excited to implement fieldwork more at my school. Was also nice speaking to someone else about their LTPs and to compare.

Really useful ideas for getting progression within the use of the local area.

Lots of really practical ideas to share with colleagues. Feeling very positive about where we go from here. Thank you so much!

Love the EYFS ideas. Fun and engaging – great way to include key vocab.

This has been a very informative course and I have come away with lots of ideas to implement in my school’s Geography curriculum – thank you very much! I feel much more enthusiastic about embedding fieldwork within our current curriculum.

A great course with lots of practical ideas that I can use in all the year groups. I feel much more confident in going into the training for the rest of the staff in school. Thanks very much.


– Primary Geography network Meeting (Learning Partnership) March 2024
“Really enjoyed the pace and variety of content covered – thank you!”

“Enjoyed having a practical activity. Thank you very much.”

“Fantastic pace. Great to get outside. Great to chat with someone else about their ofsted experiences. I appreciated seeing everyone’s feedback in the chat.”

“Thank you for session. Very useful and looking forward to planning a fieldwork day this term. Will use sketch mapping ideas.”

“This was really useful, thank you very much. Will be using the fieldwork ideas this term.”


– Leading Primary Geography (geographical Association) June 2023
“Thank you so much. That was a brilliant, very informative,very useful training course. Have picked up lots of new, relevant information.I feel a lot more confident about geography leadership and will feedback to my colleague.”

“I have really enjoyed today’s session and it has made me feel more prepared for moving forward. I have found it useful and will make use of the knowledge and advice over the next few months of my journey as Geography lead. I am particularly happy to know that Geography does not need to be a huge memory task for the children and that the development of skills is important too.”

“It has made me feel more confident about leading geography and looking at how the skills are progressed in certain areas and through each year. Thank you.”

“I am feeling enthusiastic about geography. There are lots of things that I can take from today going forward. Thank you, it’s been very useful.”

“Thank you so much Nell, that was incredibly useful! I feel I now have the tools to be able to justify the changes I suggest to my HT. I loved the practical ideas and games and feel these will be beneficial to carry out across school. Thank you again! :)”


– Subject Leads Network Meeting (Learning Partnership) May 2023
“Brilliant as always! Thank you Nell 🙂”

“Many thanks Nell – loved the book and the ideas that came from it!”

“Thank you again Nell, the part on assessment was really useful as I’m looking at this for our action plan at the moment!”

“Will definitely be joining you again Nell, thank you.”


– Embedding Fieldwork (Geographical Association) May 2023
“A really insightful course that was also engaging. The simple mapping was a lightbulb moment, as I know, as a staff, we’ve found it hard to create simple maps meaningfully in our provision.”

“I really enjoyed the course. I liked how we got to go out and try things out straight away. I loved the range of activities.”

“Thank you for an inspiring course! I’ve got lots of ideas to take back to staff and help with delivering a staff meeting too.”

“Thank you Nell so such for a helpful and hands-on course. I loved exploring the fieldwork strategies and will implement all 4 we covered. I am excited about thinking how I can fit these into our existing curriculum. I found the enquiry questions really challenging but want to begin to develop this as a school.”


– Leading Primary Geography – Subject Leadership (Learning Partnership) May 2023
“I enjoy the sessions as they’re laid back and inclusive for all levels of subject leadership. I feel that I have a good grasp of the 3 main aims from the start and I’m looking forward to setting up a proper folder! I have a clearer idea of my roles and responsibilities and I will look at the areas I have to develop and see what I can start doing. Thank you.”

“I’m going away with extra knowledge about leading Geography. Following today I will make an effort to talk to colleagues about their Geographical links. I have enjoyed the session and have lots to share. Thank you.”

“As always, a supportive session. I always feel the breakout task is of benefit as it gives us chance to share ideas and hear the views of others. Looking forward to talking with staff and using some of the resources about auditing.”


– Creative approaches to teaching geography (London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham) March 2023
“I’m feeling enthusiastic about teaching geography now – I’ve been given new tools, ideas and resources.”

“Enjoyed the session today; really useful activity ideas and fieldwork. Critical Thinking info was fab. Thankyou x”

“I’m excited about developing our curriculum, introducing more fieldwork/map skills and critical thinking activities.”

“Lots of fabulous ideas: I’m definitely going to use/share a number of these back at school.”

“Feeling passionate and more confident to move froward with Geography. Great ideas and presentation from Nell: very engaging. Useful activities and resources to take away.”


– Feeling more confident about your primary geography curriculum choices (Learning Partnership) April 2023
“Thanks for today. I’m not massively confident at leading anything and these courses make me feel like I can do it!”

“I feel more confident as we are looking at the content and coverage of our geography curriculum at present. Enjoyed the course. Very useful”

“Thank you. It was all great. I found doing the rational statements useful.”

“I’m ready to write a rationale for every topic as this was really helpful. Thank you – lots to think about and some really useful resources to continue learning!”

“Thanks Nell! Another resourceful meeting”


– Leading Primary Geography – Geographical Skills (Learning Partnership) March 2023
“I’m going away more confident and enthusiastic to plan fieldwork, including map making. I will also be able to feed back at a staff meeting to other members of staff. Many thanks.”

“I’ve learnt a lot; I’m new to geography leading so I didn’t know what to expect. I like the ideas for activities and I’m looking forward to doing the fieldwork audit. I feel much more enthusiastic about fieldwork.”

“There was lots of information and practical activities to use with my own class and to share with colleagues. Some useful knowledge for an amateur Geography lead. Thank you.”

“Thank you for today. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas from today with the rest of the staff team. Great ideas for fieldwork and mapping resources.”


– Embedding Fieldwork (Geographical Association) December 2022
“Really helpful, thank you! I now have lots more ideas for different types of fieldwork that I could suggest to my colleagues at school. Having the chance to actually physically complete some fieldwork myself was really useful. I came into the session thinking fieldwork was purely data collecting, questionnaires and traffic surveys and I now realise there are so many more opportunities for completing fieldwork. Thanks again!”

“Fabulous session with a wealth of knowledge, resources and ideas to support my fieldwork planning across the school. I feel more confident and better equipped to begin the task!”

“Lots of great ideas and suggestions that we can incorporate into our curriculum, to bring Geography alive. Really enjoyed the fieldwork activities and can definitely see us using them.”

“Really valuable time spent focusing and thinking about how I can further enthuse colleagues in fieldwork, without it seeming daunting. I’m excited to share ideas and resources.”


-Leading Primary Geography Effectively (Geographical Association) November 2022
“I found all the leadership and curriculum design info REALLY useful.”

“Thanks so much for today, it was really interesting and useful. So glad to have been involved.”

“Thank you so much! SO helpful and informative.”


– Subject Leads Network Meeting (Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust) November 2022
“Excellent CPD, thank you. Best one this year!”

“Thank you for a great session”


– Embedding Fieldwork (Geographical Association) November 2022
“The session has been brilliant. I feel more confident about embedding fieldwork more deeply within the curriculum- I also feel that fieldwork is ‘do-able’ and achievable for all. I enjoyed going off and actually completing our own fieldwork tasks.”

“Found today really useful and I’m feeling inspired – going to go away to look critically at our geography curriculum and our fieldwork opportunities.”

“My confidence has increased massively in teaching fieldwork, and as a humanities lead! I will be running a staff meeting on it!”

“Today has been very informative and inspiring.”

“Thank you so much Nell, so many great ideas to take away and to do training for the rest of the teaching staff!”


– Leading Primary Geography (Hammersmith and Fulham Council) October 2022
“”A great chance to share ideas. Great practical resources to use in class. I’m enthusiastic about the future of Geography!”

“Nice to meet face to face! Useful advice and practical tips.”

“I’m now feeling very optimistic!”

“I’m feeling enthusiastic about taking Geography forward in my school.”


– Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust (An introductory day for Geography Subject Leaders) October 2022
“I am feeling much more confident about being a Geography Subject Leader.”

“Lots of exciting and interesting ways to support learning across school to make geography celebrated and meaningful for ALL. Lots to take away and work on. Thank you :-)”

“I really enjoyed the classroom ideas to take away, looking at items in the geography rucksack and the subject knowledge CPD signposting.”

“I liked the layout of the day and enjoyed the calming outdoor session. I am enthused by the idea of fostering a sense of place and finding a balance, especially avoiding stereotypes and celebrating diversity.”

“Lots of ideas for using images to promote critical thinking and enquiry across the curriculum.”


– Geography Network Meeting (Learning Partnership) October 2022
“Very informative and knowledge/ideas clearly presented/explained”

“It was good to hear from colleagues about how books were used in their school and reassuring to hear they were in a similar boat. Thank you for another great meeting. I always leave feeling like it was a good choice to join!”

“Thank you Nell, a really useful session. Good balance of info and activities. See you next time.”

“Great ideas on how to use pictures books in geography lessons, especially to make geography accessible to ALL children. Can’t wait for book list!”


-Ideas for Primary Geography Fieldwork (Learning Partnership) September 2022
“I really love the aspect of being sent away to have a go at the ideas. A lot of the time in training sessions I feel like I forget all of the good ideas but having the time to have a good go at them means I will have at least one or two in the bag! This training really is fantastic and I appreciate your time and effort.”

“It was a very different experience from any geography training I’ve had. I liked the opportunity to actually do the activities and then discuss them.”


-Leading Primary Geography (May 2022)
“Thank you very much for today, it’s been really helpful!”

“Thanks Nell. I have learnt a lot today!”

“Thank you Nell – really useful, lots to take away.”

“Thank you, I found the course and documents very useful.”

“Thank you so much, it has been brilliant!”

“Thank you, that was really useful, as was the whole course today.”


-An introduction to Curriculum-driven Outdoor Learning and Child-centred Forest School (ITT with the Chiltern Training Group) April 2022
“It was great to get outdoors and experience first hand how beneficial forest school can be for children”

“It was useful to get to know what Forest School entails as well as being given an opportunity to unwind, destress and see learning from the perspective of the children.”

“Experiencing the difference of outside learning as a student – this was impactful and helped me to realise the effects it can have on children; the ways that you can take learning outside and use the outside classroom; the importance of having clear boundaries, taking a step back and allowing the children to lead their learning; supporting only when necessary.”

“It was useful to learn about and experience the benefits of outdoor learning! Excellent session – thank you.”

“Great ideas to engage and motivate the children, worked well with adults as well. I will use lots of the ideas from the session. I will take away the approach to allow the children a reasonable amount of challenge to learn and succeed.”


-Fieldwork Foundations (Compass Primary School) April 2022
“As a school we felt the training was very informative and practical. It worked for our needs and staff thoroughly enjoyed it.” (Vice-Principal and Curriculum Lead)


-Fieldwork Foundations (Head’s Consortium – Scunthorpe) Nov 2021
“Thank you, it was lovely to have such a practical and informative course.”

“The thing that struck me was the variety of fieldwork activities we can implement locally.”

“This has helped me think of ways to enhance cultural capital.”

“This will impact my children by giving them experiences they haven’t had before.”


-Leading Primary Geography (online) June 2021
“Nell was very informative and understood what life was like in schools.” (participant)

“I loved it. Nell was marvellous and it was great to mine her huge knowledge base.”

“A fantastic course which has helped me review the next steps for geography at school.”

“For a zoom course I thought this was really good and engaging. Nell had some brilliant tips and it was really organised too.”


-Introduction to Outdoor Learning and Forest School (Chiltern Learning Trust – Luton) June 2021
“I thought this session was excellent. I really liked the idea of ‘non-judgement’. I felt this really encapsulated what Forest School should be about. I felt the activities were excellent and highlighted how the Forest School principles could be implemented. I also enjoyed that we could do this as a cohort. I think it helped to lift everyone’s spirits and have an impact on our wellbeing” (participant)


-Leading Primary Geography (Brook Weston Teaching School Alliance – Corby) February 2020
“Thank you SO much. I had such a wonderful day and enjoyed every second” (Vice Principal)


-Leading Primary Geography (Croydon) February 2020
“I have already received rave reviews from two schools about the training. Thank you for the excellent training” (Improvement and Development Adviser)

“Fantastic course. Nell was well prepared, knowledgeable and enthusiastic”

“Informative and useful. Nell was very well prepared, clear and enthusiastic”

“Fantastic day and would highly recommend, thank you!”


-Leading Primary Geography (Euston) February 2020
“Absolutely perfectly pitched. Would love to have done more!”

“Loved how practical and engaging the course was”

“Nell’s delivery was truly excellent – really thorough, pacey and open to questions/points of clarification”


-Leading Primary Geography (Leicestershire Catholic Teaching School Alliance) January 2020
“I was so impressed by the Geography training you led on Wednesday in Leicester. Following your course, I feel enthused and inspired – so many great ideas; quick fixes and long-term aims were delivered with such clarity. It is certainly one of the best courses – for any subject – that I have attended. Thank you again for an educational, but also thoroughly enjoyable day!”

“I loved every aspect of your course. I was able to relay some of your ideas to management. The ideas are already being planned for the different year groups.”

“Thank you for such a fantastic day-it was incredibly enjoyable and I left feeling enthused about being the geography lead for school!”

“Thank you so much for the course on Wednesday. I found the whole day very informative and practical. I left the course buzzing with a renewed enthusiasm and a full list of resources, ideas and practical things to implement!”


-Deep Dive Readiness for Geography Subject Leads (Connected TSA in Bury St Edmunds) January 2020
“Ideas and enthusiasm really energised me: it was very well presented and good fun. I have a much stronger idea of what OFSTED will be looking for.”

“It was very thought provoking and reflective”

“Very engaging and motivating”


-Primary Geography (Learning Partnership at Sacrewell farm, Peterborough) October 2019
“This course was very helpful for a new Geography Leader, the information was clear and we had opportunities to discuss our queries.”

“Course had a lot of practical ideas that can be implemented quickly as well as resources, ideas for the longer term aims of subject leadership. Time was given to share ideas with peers. Target setting was useful as was the practical element of the course.”


-Primary Geography Outdoors (Learning Partnership at the East of England Showground) October 2019
“Some great practical ideas that we can all use straight away. Other activities and ideas that I can look at incorporating into our topics throughout school.”


-Going outside for Primary Geography (Thurrock Primary Teaching School Alliance) April 2019
“A brilliant day. This course will have a positive impact on my practice and hopefully that of the whole school”

“An inspirational, practical and fun session. Thank you”

“Nell was very knowledgeable and shared a lot of extremely useful resources with us”


– Primary Geography map work and fieldwork (Rathfern Primary School) April 2019
“Thanks so much for a wonderful day. Our staff got a lot out of it and I am sure we will be in touch with many other opportunities in the future”


-Going outside for Primary Geography (London) March 2019
“a fantastic and motivational day”

“I’m going away with loads of great, practical ideas”


-Literacy Through Geography (London) March 2019
“Nell was great at making it relevant for me and giving great ideas about ideas that can be adapted.”

“Excellent variation of resources. Nell has a wealth of knowledge linked to literacy and geography'”


-Leading Primary Geography (Peterborough Learning Partnership) February 2019
“It was my first geography training and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I feel that you made the day and geography as the subject fun, exciting and meaningful. I can’t wait to begin to implement some of the things that I have learnt.”

-Leading Primary Geography (London) February 2019
“I found the course extremely informative both in respect of resources for curriculum, planning and assessment. Lots of information to take back to school in order to ensure Geography is firmly embedded.”

“Nell really nice and approachable. very useful tips and tricks of the Geography trade!”

“Nell is really attentive to needs. Thanks: it’s a real insight into how Geography can be improved!”


-Primary Geography for Classroom Teachers (Stoke Newington) January 2019
“We cannot thank you enough! We feel like we got a lot out of the INSET. The learning environment was excellent and varied. All staff have taken away
confidence and ‘tools’ to use throughout the school.” 

-Outstanding Teaching and Learning in Primary Geography (London) March 2017
“Fantastic courses leader, fantastic venue for fieldwork: a combination of natural area and urban city showed fieldwork can occur anywhere.”

“Interesting day, lots of useful ideas to take back to school. Nell is lovely and very approachable. Very pleased with the outcomes.”

“Very extensive coverage of current expectations, documentation and corresponding activities.”
-Leading Primary Geography 21st February 2017 (Cambridge)
“Extremely beneficial to me as both a classroom teacher and subject lead. Every experience, practical task and piece of information was relevant and useful”

“Great course leader with very useful ideas”

“Good interactive session and ideas”
-Literacy through Geography 7th February 2017 (London)
“A really interesting, stimulating course with plenty of ideas to take back”

“Nell was brilliant as usual”

“I learned a lot from this course”
-Creative approaches to Geography 8th November 2016 (Norfolk)
“My key learning was around all the practical ideas to use in class”

“I really enjoyed the outdoor learning”

“I’m going to feed it all back to our Senior Leadership Team and other colleagues”
-Leading Primary Geography 5th July 2016 (London)
“Nell was great, the whole day was useful and engaging”

“I’m more confident in taking on the geography subject leadership role”

“Great materials and engaging trainer”

“very well planned and organised”
-Going Outside: ideas for Primary Geography Fieldwork 28th June 2016 (London)
“Nell was very informative and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed this course.”

“A really impressive course. I loved it and feel so inspired. Especially as I am Geography Subject Lead but not Geography trained.”

“It’s fantastic that we actually did the activities. So much better than just hearing a description.”

“Course leader was fab! Informative and helpful.”

“Nell was professional and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. Lots of fantastic ideas.”
-Literacy outdoors 23rd May 2016 (Holt Hall, Norfolk)
“The most important thing I learned is that getting outdoors to learn is vital.”

“I discovered how inspiring the outdoors can be.”

“I now know it’s not difficult and you don’t need lots of resources.”

“I’ve gained lots of new ideas that are easy to follow.”
-Going outside: ideas for primary geography fieldwork 19th May 2016 (Cambridge)
“A fantastic day – well paced, engaging and full of practical ideas. Extremely useful and very enjoyable – thank you.”

“I now have ideas for how to embed outdoor learning across the curriculum.”

“I now feel more confident in working outside.”

“The most important thing I learned is that outdoor learning in geography doesn’t have to be complicated or scary! :-)”

“I’m going away with lots of ideas”
-Literacy through Geography 17th May 2016 (Leighton Buzzard – Leedon Lower School)
“Nell was great and very informative. Great handouts and information – her courses are always brilliant. I will be doing more outdoor learning, will buy great resources and will share ideas/lessons/activities.”

“I valued that there was appropriate time given so that nothing felt rushed; everything was fully discussed and developed. All handouts supported learning and useful for future use. An excellent course!”

“I liked the ethos and style of delivery, the range of different approaches and the opportunities to work with others. I will be using geographical vocab/focussing on getting OUT!”

“The trainer was well informed and knew the current guidelines; explained different tasks well.”
-Maths Outdoors 10th May 2016 (Holt Hall, Norfolk)
“This session has inspired me to be more creative about outdoor learning.”

“I now have lots of ideas to take back to school.”

“Great day which has inspired me with new ideas and also to think of more myself. Thank you :-)”
-Literacy through the Outdoors Advice and Support Session May 2016 (Leighton Buzzard – The Mary Bassett Lower School)
“I now feel confident using the outdoors as a space to learn.”

“I enjoyed laughing, doing not writing, having time and space, the daylight and seeing anew.”

“I learned easy and practical ways to incorporate outdoor learning.”

“I loved spending time outdoors.”
-Literacy through Geography March 2016 (London)
“Great ideas for lessons and fieldwork and great links to literacy”

“Practical ideas that are quick and easy to implement. Spot on!”

“Excellent balance of activity and theory”

“I have more confidence on how to advise colleagues on how to include more geography in their teaching”

“Full day packed with useful activities/ideas to use in school as well as theory relating to National Curriculum”

“It was a great course as it was filled with practical activities/ideas and ready made reference sheets for us to take home and use”

“Excellent ideas. very useful and well presented. fantastic presenter. Thank you”
-Literacy through Geography March 2016 (York)
“Really good! I’ll pass the word around about how good these courses are”

“Fantastic practical sessions, very engaging!”

“Very organised modelling of practice and great resource ideas”
-Literacy Outdoors January 2016 (Leighton Buzzard)
“I can imagine using the activities with my children”

“Much better than sitting in a classroom just listening”

“The learning environment was relaxed and inspiring”

“Thank you. Very useful to have excellent ideas to inspire the children outdoors”

“Thank you for a productive, interactive morning”
-Leading Primary Geography November 2015 (Birmingham)
“Fab tutor, Excellent delivery. Thank you.”

“Nell was a very good facilitator. Lots of practical ideas for share with others.”

“I really got a lot out of it and am inspired to teach some interesting lessons.”

“This will impact my teaching tremendously; lots of good ideas!”

“This was a really good course that opened up a lot of opportunity for good teaching. Not only in geography but in other subjects.”

“Very enjoyable course. Useful information and encouraging for me as I am new to the subject leader role.”

“Brilliant delivery with lots of hands-on practical ideas. It was a good balance of information, as well as discussion and evaluation.”

“Great course – helpful, practical, good resources to unpick the new curriculum.”
-Eco-Schools: an environmentally friendly way forward for your school October 2015 (Norfolk)
“It was a very inspiring and informative day.”

“Absolutely go on this course! Send more than 1 adult from your school for better impact upon return 🙂 Brilliant.”

“Do it! You will find out lots of things you can do/achieve with expert guidance.”
-Taking your Science Outside October 2015 (Bedfordshire)
“Lovely ideas at the appropriate level that will be easily embedded into the school day. Fitting with the new curriculum means these activities will be able to be shared with colleagues and used. It was great!” 

“I appreciated the hands-on activities and ideas. It was a perfect setting for the course. This course has given me plenty of ideas.”

-Kickstart your Primary Geography October 2015 (Bedfordshire)
“Great practical advice and ideas.”

“It was great to see new resources for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 – yippee!”

“It was fantastic and all useful.”

-Taking your Science outside September 2015 (Norfolk)
“The course was well organised and action packed with lots of useful ideas to take back to school.”

“I’d highly recommend this course to others. Loads of great ideas and a real confidence builder for those who don’t know much about working outside.”

“100% do this course! I have learned so much about science outside and how to lead a successful science session.”

-Maths Outdoors September 2015 (Bedfordshire)

“Definitely go on this course! It has given me the confidence to share ideas with colleagues across the school.”

“You’ll come away from this course with lots of engaging, exciting opportunities to motivate children in maths.”

“Bring your coat and scarf and enjoy it! You will learn a lot and have fun in the process.”

-Susan Falch-Lovesey – Head Environmental and Outdoor Learning (Norfolk County Council)

“Nell is incredibly well planned, very tuned in to the needs of her audience and ensures that there is an excellent balance of learning and well-being within any programme she delivers. She is always keen to evaluate outcomes and as such, remains dynamic, creative and enthusiastic in her pursuit to support the teaching profession. I could not recommend Nell more highly.”

-Literacy Outdoors June 2015 (Bedfordshire)

“Lots of achievable and practical ideas that I can actually use!  Thank you.”

“Being in a relaxed learning environment made me feel good.”

-Leading Primary Geography May 2015 (Oxford)

“I enjoyed the hands-on activities, sharing ideas and experiences, hospitality, camaraderie, atmosphere and learning”

“Thank you, this course surpassed my expectations”

-Leading Primary Geography May 2015 (Oxford – excerpt from letter to the Geographical Association)

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my Primary Geog course and how much I was impressed by Nell who led it. I’ve done lots of Local Authority courses over the years but this was brilliant.  The day was structured, pacy, so useful and also enjoyable.  We were always clear about what we were going to do, things weren’t repeated, it was well resourced and I learnt so much.  The day seemed slick and effortless but obviously a heck of a lot of work had gone into it. Honestly, you need to know that in my opinion it was an exemplary day of training. And I will be spreading the word in my little teaching circle and I’ll be looking for more courses to attend when I can.  Please pass on my thanks!”

approaches to Primary Geography May 2015 (Norfolk)

“The cross-curricular links were popping up everywhere”

“A fantastic, well-run and organised course packed full of very useful ideas”

-Maths Outdoors April 2015 (Bedfordshire)

“Fantastic session with loads of practical ideas that I can take back to our outdoor classroom”

“The trainer was excellent; no time was wasted at all”

“Great ideas, very inspiring, thank you”

-Outdoor Maths April 2015 (Norfolk)

“Thank you for the fun, ideas, cake and company”

“This course helped me see that Maths is everywhere”

“A fantastic day – best course I have been on for a very long time.  Thank you.”

-Kickstart your Primary Geography April 2015 (Bedfordshire)

“I loved the passion from Nell; she obviously loves the subject”

-Leading Primary Geography March 2015 (Essex)

“It has been very useful for someone who is new to the role of geography subject leader”

“Engaging teaching with great practical sessions”

“Excellent leader.  Brilliant course.  Well organised.  Thank you!”
-Eco-Schools October 2014 (Norfolk)

“The links and signposting to other information were exceptionally useful.”

“I’m now excited about achieving our Eco-Schools awards and making things happen with our pupils now.”

-Inspiring Literacy Outdoors July 2014 (Norfolk)

“A great day, well run, useful and informative: everything a course should be.”

“A great day – informative, stimulating and enjoyable – thank you.”